Why is roblox shut down

Roblox is said to have gone down late on Thursday, . The Roblox investigation team was said to be aware of the situation which affected millions of players around the world. A message from the Roblox Status account said: “Looks like #Roblox is currently experiencing issues!

ROBLOX went down on , according to reports from social media.The popular online gaming platform was released in 2006 and users have been le … Here are the dates when Roblox shut down

Why Roblox is Shutting Down in 2022! SUPER SAD.

Is Roblox really shutting down in 2022? We decided to investigate the story.💯 Check out my other videos you’ll absolutely LOVE:- These Roblox YouTubers HATE…

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Is Roblox really going to shut down?

Roblox is not going to shut down either in 2021 or any time soon. it is going to run and expand to even more audiences and features. roblox is currently one of the most popular game creation and playing platforms in the world. there are many reasons why it won’t shut down in the near future. let’s take a look at them.

Why is Roblox so broken right now?

Roblox server outages are not much common. However, they have become pretty frequent during the whole ‘quarantine and lockdown’ situation when the number of active users have increased rapidly. The last major Roblox down occurred on 20th March 2020, when the servers were not working for more than 2 hours in the USA, UK, and European regions. A lot of users were left confused and tweeted a lot about it.

When is Roblox getting deleted?

Is Roblox Getting Deleted?There are no credible sources to confirm that Roblox is shutting down.We have reason to believe that these rumors are false, baseless, and hold no weight.Some rumors suggest that Roblox might be getting shut down on the 30th of February in 2021, which could be a prank as this date doesn’t exist.

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When will Roblox be back up?

When will Roblox be back up? The Roblox Status Twitter account reports that the game will be back up on October 29th. However, this message was posted at 03:00 BST and said that it shouldn’t take any longer than six hours for the game to return.

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