Where to find green shield fish fortnite

Two types of Shield Fish can spawn anywhere, while the other two easy catches can be found in forest and coastal areas. All players need to do is find a Fishing Rod or Harpoon Gun, and then head …

Showing how to Consume both a Small Shield Potion and a Shield Fish for Ragsy in the new season of Fortnite! Found this useful? Use support a creator code: "…


In this video I show and tell you how to catch the green shield fish in fortnite!!!This is part 1 of how to catch ever fish in fortnite

6. Green Shield Fish: Spawns in water inside of forest areas; 7. Pink Shield Fish: Can only be caught in desert areas with a Pro Fishing Rod; 8. …

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How to get Shield fish in Fortnite?

Once a rod or Fortnite Harpoon Gun has been obtained, go to any body of water and search for the fishing holes that are marked by bubbles and ripples on the surface, and start fishing. It might take a few attempts, but it won’t be long before players find a Shield Fish.

How do you get a shield potion in Fortnite?

Finding and using a small Shield Potion is easy thanks to the first step of the questline that asks players to purchase a shield item from a mending machine location in Fortnite. Finding a Shield Fish is a tougher task if players aren’t used to catching them.

How to catch fish in Fortnite?

All players need to do is find a Fishing Rod or Harpoon Gun, and then head to the edge of a map, or a large body of water like a lake or stream. A Fishing Rod will never break in Fortnite, but a Harpoon Gun has a limited number of shots before it runs out. It is the faster fishing option, however, and it’s recommended to use one if possible.

Where to find fishing rods in Fortnite?

The best place on the Fortnite Map to find a Fishing Rod or Harpoon gun is at Craggy Cliffs. There is a fishing shop opposite the large main building that is always filled with barrels full of them. With so many barrels to destroy, it’s also the best place to try and get a Harpoon Gun.

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