Where is npc 2 in fortnite

NPC 2, properly known as Human Bill, is definitely not human. Looking more like a Fortnite version of Crypto from Destroy All Humans!, Human Bill is a blue-skinned alien wearing shades and a well …

Here’s the map below: NPC locations Fortnite Season 7 Map. From a quick glance at the map, it looks like there’s a few new NPCs on the season 7 map including Marigold and Dreamflower. We’l post an updated map of the all the characters in Fortnite if there are any missing from the map above, or if more get added during the season.

All NPC Locations for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 – MSN

Penny: Barely west of the northwest corner of Retail Row. J.B. Chimpanski: On the western edge of Mount Kay. Dusk: Just south of Primal Pond, the pond in …

All 18 NPC & Characters Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 00:00 NPC 01 Abstrakt at retail row00:17 NPC 02 alien trooper but glitched00:34 NPC 03 guggi…

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Where to hire people on Fortnite?

Approach the character you want to hireTalk to themSelect the ‘HIRE’ interaction

Where to find the cosmic chests in Fortnite?

Once you’re close by, follow these instructions to open the cosmic chest:Every player should equip the pickaxeThe player that has a pink laser shining on them should hit the crystal surrounding the chest. If any other player hits it, they’ll bounce backwardsWhen the pink laser targets a different player, they should then hit the crystalEventually, after a bunch of hits, the crystal will break open

Where are the people in Fortnite?

The Seven are a group of sentient beings trying to stop the IO from abusing the Zero Point in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The Seven consists of seven main individual members. The Seven first appeared in Battle Royale with the end of Season 3. But it was not known to be related to the Seven, until…

Where is Jones in Fortnite?

The Device (first appearance)The Devourer of WorldsReality Log 474Reality Log 475Zero Crisis Finale

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