Where is drake’s map fortnite

Once you’ve found Fortnite Drake’s Map and collected it, you can select this item in your inventory to project a dotted line onto the island leading towards a …

Darke’s Map is an item that was added in Fortnite‘s v19.30 update. A remake of sorts of the old treasure map item added in Chapter 1 …

Fortnite Drake’s Map: Where to Find & How to Use – ESTNN

Using Drake’s Map is as simple as holding it in your hand and following the dotted line to the ‘X’ that marks where the treasure lies. The video above per Fortnite leaker HYPEX showcases the process’s simplest form. After locating the X, you must dig the treasure out with your pickaxe. A treasure chest will then spawn with loot such as …

Drake’s MapFortnite Drake’s MapLegendary Drake’s MapDrake’s Map just got added as a mythic weapon in Fortnite, in this video I show you the location of the w…

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What is the Fortnite Drake’s map?

Fortnite Drake’s Map is part of the Uncharted crossover and you can use it to collect treasure Fortnite Drake’s Map has been distributed around the island as part of the latest crossover collaboration with the Uncharted series, tying in to the most recent instalments of the game and the Uncharted movie.

How do you collect treasure using Drake’s map in Fortnite?

To collect treasure using Drake’s Map in Fortnite you now just need to hit the marked area repeatedly to unearth a gleaming chest, then search it to receive Uncharted riches – aka a selection of valuable loot!

Does the Drake’s map spawn in the chest?

Keep in mind that Drake’s Map does not spawn in a Chest, so look only for items on the ground in plain sight. Treasure Maps are now ingame, gameplay: pic.twitter.com/m8bN2AMO5b

Who is Nathan Drake in Fortnite season 8?

An accomplished treasure hunter, Nathan Drake has more to offer Fortnite players than a slew of cosmetics. The developers used this collaboration to revive the beloved Treasure Map concept shown in Chapter 1 Season 8.

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How To Find Drake's Map In Fortnite (*NEW* Drake's Map Gameplay – INSANE LOOT!) Video Answer

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