When is roblox shutting down

Roblox has millions of player worldwide Credit: Roblox Is Roblox shutting down? Roblox is said to have gone down late on Thursday, . The Roblox …

But, there are some rumors that Roblox will be shutting down. If you are a Roblox user and want to know if the rumours are true, this article will explain everything. Is Roblox …

Is ‘roblox’ Really Shutting Down in 2022? Fans Are Freaking out …

There have been no reports that Roblox is going away any time soon. Despite the rumours, the game is still open and available to everyone. that company will shortly shut down, …

Roblox is said to have gone down late on Thursday, . The Roblox investigation team was said to be aware of the situation which affected millions of players …

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When will Roblox actually shutdown?

There is no solid evidence that this tweet existed and Roblox Corporation has made no official statement that we’re aware of. The lure of a free burrito may actually be the true culprit.

What year will Roblox shut down?

The site is specifically made so you can create fake news articles and share them on the internet. This post included the following text as the reason for why Roblox was going to shut down: "Because of the population, the Roblox servers will shut down on March 22, 2020.

Is it true Roblox is getting shut down?

The official Roblox twitter account has updated us with a tweet confirming that Roblox is in fact not shutting down. They also added that fans and users should not pay attention to such false rumors which have very little details and should continue to believe news directly from the source itself.

Is Roblox getting deleted forever?

In the Support Ticket, the contact information includes your username, first name, and email address.Add the platform you are using Roblox on and then describe the issue.From the dropdown options, you won’t find the option which has something related to the deletion of your account. …Next, select Cancel Membership from the next dropdown.

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