When did the creator of roblox die

2 Did The Roblox Creator Died (Nov 2021) Some Facts – Cinejoia.tv. : · The co-founder of Roblox, Erik Cassel, unfortunately, died on 11 February 2013. He passed away due to cancer, and this sorrowful news was.

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The “who was the first slender on roblox” is a question that has been asked by many. The creator of Roblox Slenders, David Baszucki, died in 2016. The creator of Roblox Slenders, David Baszucki, died in 2016.

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Did the owner of Roblox pass away?

Roblox is co-owned by two people who are David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. However, only one among the two are presently alive. Erik Cassel, who co-founded Roblox, passed away in 2013 after fighting Cancer for three years. It was confirmed by David Baszucki, the current CEO of Roblox, on the official blog.

Did Roblox die of cancer?

But in 2008, he suffered cancer and died. Roblox made an invisible "shaggy" hair in his honor, but later on, the hair got deleted for an unknown reason. Melvin angered the event and started haunting a player in ROBLOX.

Is Erik Cassel dead?

Erik died on 11 February 2013 at his home, after losing a three-year fight against cancer. A day later, around 500 people gathered in the Erik Cassel Memorial, and many were seen dressed up as his Roblox character to pay their respects.

Is owner of Roblox dead?

Owner of roblox david bazuki dies at the age of 58, lapd says that he was found dead in a closet and is unknown of the suspect. When creating roblox, baszucki was determined to create a platform where users could share experiences and grow as technology users.

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