What is the rarest hat in roblox

Domino Crown is a legendary Roblox hat that only has a small handful of known owners. It was originally awarded to 13 people as part of the Domino Rally Building Contest in 2007. There are currently only four people selling the hat on the Roblox exchange, and all of them have it listed for over R$50 million.

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What is the rarest hat on Roblox?

hat in Roblox is essentially a mesh, which is a 3D object that can be shown off to friends. What Is The Rarest Hat In Roblox? This hat was a prize for The Spooky Building Contest in Halloween 2007. It was the Eerie Pumpkin Head. It’s a good thing Domino Crown is there.

What are the best hats on Roblox?

Top 5 coolest looking hats in RobloxAdmiral of the Royal Skyfleet. The Admiral of the Royal Skyfleet accessory from the Roblox Avatar Shop. …The Classic ROBLOX Fedora. The Classic ROBLOX Fedora accessory from the Roblox Avatar Shop. …Gold Spartan. The Gold Spartan accessory from the Roblox Avatar Shop. …Medieval Hood of Mystery. …Lord of the Federation. …

What is the most expensive item in Roblox?

enyahs7’s ROBLOX Tablet is the most expensive item on Roblox. With a price tag of 1 million Robux, enyahs7’s ROBLOX tablet is by far the most expensive item on the platform. The rare, historic item was part of Roblox’s promo ahead of its release on iPads.

What is the first hat made on Roblox?

The “red baseball cap roblox” is the first hat that was ever made in Roblox. This red baseball cap has been around since the early days of Roblox, and it’s still a popular item to this day. What was the very first Roblox hat?

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The History of Roblox's RAREST Hats With Only 1 Owner! Video Answer

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