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Is Roblox bad for kids? Experts weigh in on the pros and cons of the game played by millions. Aug. 20, :15 PM UTC / Updated March 25, …

Roblox is a vast online platform where kids can create and interact in what its makers describe as "immersive 3D worlds." Players are given the opportunity to create an avatar (player) for themselves and allotted a small amount of digital …

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Answer (1 of 18): Why is Roblox so bad? Well, there are a couple of reason here, I just like to be clear, there are both bad and good qualities about roblox Bad qualities 1. Play any game on roblox, turn on the chat. Roblox these days, people swear on roblox, even when there is a …

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What is so bad about Roblox?

the thing is roblox isnt bad, the games just require hard work.. but to be honest some of the games are absolute TRASH, the players can be TOXIC, and sometimes it might not be safe. but there are games, people, and settings that can rise roblox to da podium! Honestly it’s not that bad, you just have to be a bit careful on the platform.

Why is Roblox so bad now?

Toxic players have been causing disconfort all around Roblox ever since it was created, and it’s the reason that most people see Roblox under a bad light today. Incompetent Moderation It’s a known fact that the people being paid to help others aren’t doing so.

How safe is Roblox?

Should I Let My Kid Play Roblox? Roblox’s safety record isn’t great, so letting your kid play on the platform may open them up to threats like child predators.What Age Is Roblox Appropriate For? Most users are under 13, though older users can be found on the platform as well.What Is Bad About Roblox? …

Should you play Roblox?

Roblox allows kids to play, explore, socialize, create and learn in a self-directed way. By taking advantage of all the great tools available and actively engaging with your children, you can sleep soundly knowing that your kids are having fun, staying safe, while also potentially gaining skills upon which they can build for years to come.

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