How to stop a script roblox

— connect to a signal as an example local connection = game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function(player) — if the Script is still enabled, this line will print print("Player Added : " .. player.Name) end local shouldEscape = true if shouldEscape then — disable the script script.Disabled = true — OR : disconnect the signals –connection:Disconnect() — OR : delete the script entirely —script:Destroy() — escape so that no other lines execute return end print("This line won’t get hit")

local function fadeOut(animationTrack, fadeTime) animationTrack:Stop(fadeTime) local startTime = tick() while animationTrack.WeightCurrent > 0 do wait() end local timeTaken = tick() – …

How do I stop a script from putting error messages in the …

I have a script that works just the way I need it to, but it keeps putting errors in the output. Is it possible to make a script not report any errors to the output? incapaz (uep) July …

— create a sound local sound ="Sound", game.Workspace) sound.SoundId = "rbxassetid://301964312" if not sound.IsLoaded then sound.Loaded:wait() end — listen for …

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STOP PUTTING SCRIPTS IN PARTS! | Roblox CollectionService Scripting Tutorial (2022) Video Answer

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