How to see your favorites on roblox

To see your favorites on Roblox, you have to check your Profile Settings. Here’s the step by step process: Visit the Roblox website. Log in if you haven’t already. Advertisement. Click on Profile on the left of the screen. On the right, you will see the games you have Favorited.

Go to the Roblox site and make sure you are logged in. Once there, navigate to your Profile tab on the left side. Then, scroll down the Profile section until you see Favorites. You’ll see games …

How to See your Favorites on ROBLOX – MindGamesClovis

ROBLOX is quickly becoming one of the most popular social games for teens and adults. This is great news for ROBLOX because it means that there is a large target audience to reach out to. However, it’s also a challenge because it’s so easy to lose track of what you have in your Favorites. That’s why I’m writing this article.

Log into your account. Click Profile from the left of the page. Scroll down and you’ll see the Favorites section. Click Favorites ?. If you can’t find the Favorites section here, try to replace profile at the end …

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How do you find your friends on Roblox?

Wall MethodFind a wall.Tell your friend to a wall, as well.One of you have to follow the wall at any direction until you find your friend.

How do you favorite a place on Roblox?

Update on BugUsing another browser other than Google Chrome, I am still able to reproduceUsing my phone’s cellular instead of my home’s network seems to have fixed the issue, however it would be inconvenient for me to use my cellular when I want to …I have not in any way modified my network configuration/setup recently

How do you see your friends on Roblox?

Go to the person u want to joins profile.On the top right corner click the 3 dots in a line.Click follow.Then u should be able to see what their playing and it might even let u join.

Why can’t I favorite games on Roblox?

A “429” indicates that you are being throttled because too many favoriting and unfavoriting requests have been coming from your account. Typically this should only be triggered if you try to favorite or unfavorite more than 1000 games in a minute, which obviously would be hard to do manually.

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