How to make transparent t shirt on roblox


This video will teach you how to make transparent T-Shirts in ROBLOX!

How to Make a TransParent T-Shirt On Roblox – YouTube

this is how to make any t-shirt on roblox any kind you want transparent

Today I show you how how to make a transparent shirt!

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How do you make a custom shirt in Roblox?

How Do You Make A Shirt On Roblox For Free? Create a new account by clicking on the Create button. If you want to design a shirt, pants, or T-shirt, click on the left column. You can select a template file by clicking Choose File in the main window… Your item should have a creative name. The Upload button needs to be clicked.

How to make your own shirt on Roblox?

How to make a Roblox shirt Step 1: Download a shirt template. The first thing to do is to download the clothing templates to draw your own art on…Step 2: Create a image for clothes. You can use whatever image editor to design an image for your T-shirt in Roblox.Step 3: Test before you upload. If you want to check how your shirt looks like in Torso, you can use Roblox…
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Where to make your own shirt Roblox?

Download a shirt template from the Roblox website here. Right click the image and Save As.Open the image in your image editor. …Play around with colors and designs as much as you like and just use Save As then name it something different to keep your original template intact.

How to make a custom shirt template on Roblox?

Uploading Your CreationGo to the My Create tab on Roblox (or alternatively, click this while logged into Roblox )On the left-hand side, choose Shirts, Pants or T-Shirts, depending on what you’d like to upload.Click Choose File and find your design.Add a name for your clothingClick Upload

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How To Make A Transparent T-shirt On Roblox! | Video Answer

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