How to change cursor in roblox studio

So I am doing a roblox horror game project with a few friends and we want to test changing the cursor for the entire game. I found another question on a different forum that used to work but because of Roblox updating, it doesn’t work. So I …

Roblox recently updated the look of their cursors, and with this change they’ve also moved the file location of the cursors. In this video, I will teach you …

How to make a Custom Mouse Cursor in Roblox Studio

How to make a Custom Mouse Cursor in Roblox Studio🎮 Join my ROBLOX Group!!/about💬 Join my Discord Server!htt…

Today I show how to change the Cursor / Mouse in your Roblox game.Model : my Roblo…

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How to get the old Roblox cursor back?

How to bring back the old cursor – A Tutorial for RobloxGo into roblox’s files by right clicking it and clicking "Open file location"Go to content/textures/Cursors/KeyboardMouseOpen a new instance of the file explorerGo to roblox’s files again, but this time only go to content/texturesCopy and paste ArrowFarCursor and ArrowCursor into KeyboardMouseLaunch roblox

How to change your Roblox ingame mouse cursor?

Open the folder labeled ‘Cursors’ within the ‘Textures’ folder. Open the folder labeled ‘KeyboardMouse’. Paste the files you copied into this folder. Relaunch Roblox to see your cursor updated to the 2013 version.

How do you change your character on Roblox?

Method 1 Method 1 of 2: Changing Character AppearanceLog into your Roblox account. Navigate to and log in with your email and password.Select "Character" from the menu in the upper right corner. The menu button appears as three horizontal bars.Choose a new t-shirt. …Customize the rest of your body. …Click the gear when you finish customizing. …

How to change your face on Roblox?

TutorialStep One: Get the IDs of the faces you want to use. …Step Two: Open Moon Animation Suite and load a new animation. …Step Three: Type an animation name and open it! …Step 4: Animate your scene! …Step 5: Now time to do the faces! …Step Six: Okay, Now you should see something like this: image 736×694 26.9 KB Now, we are going to be using code. …

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Roblox Studio Tutorial: How to make a Custom Cursor / Mouse [Model in Description] Video Answer

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