How long will fortnite be down for today

The ‘Collision’ live event took place on Saturday, June 4th and marked the end of Chapter 3 Season 2. Fortnite has now entered an extended period of downtime before Chapter 3 Season 3 begins …

According to the support team, today’s Fortnite downtime could last up to four hours, with most maintenance periods ending before the estimated downtime. If it doesn’t, it would mean servers would be down until around 1pm BST on Tuesday, August 17.

How Long Are Fortnite Servers Down Today? (June 4) Season 3 …

So for fans wondering how long Fortnite servers will be down today, Epic Games are expected to keep them offline until June 5 in both the UK and North America. More on how long Fortnite servers …

To Be Continued Message Explained. DualShockers – Kyle Knight • 3h. Fans are patiently waiting for the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 3! As the latest Fortnite live event comes to an end, players have once again been …. Read more on

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How long can you survive the final storm in Fortnite?

The Survive The Storm update is coming on Tuesday, Aug. 29 and it includes the new Survive The Storm mode, special mutant Storms that pose unique challenges and rewards, new weapons, new heroes, new defenders and more! The threat is only here for a limited time, so be sure to try out Survive The Storm and grab some exclusive loot.

Is Fortnite going to be ending soon?

Word then started to spread that PUBG had then started to target Epic Games, which would lead to the game having to shut down. Is Fortnite going to be shutting down? No, Fortnite won’t be stopping any time soon.

Is Fortnite shutting down for good?

While there was a copyright battle against the game, it now seems Fortnite is safe, for now. Bloomberg reports that PUBG Corp. sent "a letter of withdrawal" to Epic Games lawyers on Monday, and that the case is now closed. A new rumour emerged in September that suggested the game would once again be shut down.

Why are Fortnite servers still down?

Not a day after the installment of Fortnite’s 19.20 update, Fortnite servers went down due to a major outage. According to Epic Games, the servers will remain temporarily shut down until further investigation is delivered.

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