How long does it take roblox to update

How long does rsbot take to update? about 9 weeks to a year for this update (21st February 2011)

Roblox updates are taking more than 1 hour. JeremiahGoldsbe Level 1 (Contributor) 1 Answer. 1. 0. Can You Tell Roblox have go faster it`s going to slow and take forever for Roblox Players.

how long do you think it will take for Roblox to update?

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That depends entirely on what type of upgrade you are performing and your proficiency in doing so. Upgrading the amount of RAM in a system can be done in less than two minutes by a skilled…

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How long does Roblox maintenance last?

"Roblox maintenance does not last long…" ROBLOX maintenance does not last long. Usually, it might last for 30 minutes to 1 hour. source: How long does roblox maintanace last?

Is Roblox still down?

Roblox has currently been down for almost four hours so whatever theyre working on should be worth it, besides, if what the rest of these comments are saying is true it shouldnt be long now.

Will Roblox be back before all Roblox players going on strike?

Is Roblox Will Be Back Before All Roblox Players Going On Strike. Was this answer helpful? Yes | No My 2012 tax return was supposed to be in within 21 days from when they recieved the information. why is it taking longer than 21 days?

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