Can you get the predator skin in fortnite

The Predator—the alien hunter who has 1) ripped a man’s spine out, 2) hunted xenomorphs, and 3) killed half of Riverdale (opens in new tab) —is now a Fortnite skin. If you‘ve really been …

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How to Get the Predator Skin in Fortnite | Screen Rant

Players can unlock an exclusive Predator skin in Fortnite. This guide will show what players need to do to unlock it. Fortnite has done specific challenges in the past to unlock exclusive skins based on pop culture icons. For example, Deadpool and Aquaman each released with their own set of challenges needed to achieve the skin.

How to Get the Predator Fortnite Skin. In order to unlock the new collaboration Fortnite skin, you’ll need to complete the ‘defeat Predator’ Fortnite challenge. As soon as this has been completed, you’ll unlock the skin. You’ll find the Predator in Stealthy Stronghold. He usually spawns on the north side of the location in the water.

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